School Games

What is the Cambridge and Peterborough School Games?

The Cambridge and Peterborough School Games are part of the national School Games programme.  It is a government-led programme which aims to inspire children and young people to be physically active.  The Cambridge and Peterborough County wide School Games events are planned and implemented by Living Sport and are funded by Sport England.  These events are free for all schools to take part in.

Our county wide School Games events target primary and secondary school pupils who would benefit most from being more physically active.  Rather than focussing on competition and sporting outcomes, we will design events that encourage participation for all children.

Our School Games Vision – 2023/2024

In 2023/2024, our School Games Programme will focus more on supporting disadvantaged young people, working in a place-based way to break down barriers to participation, with support from School Games Organisers (SGOs)

Our events will continue to make clear and meaningful differences in the lives of children and young people who can benefit the most from physical activity, sports, and movement.

Living Sport will provide opportunities to all schools across the county to participate in events targeted to specific cohorts of students.  This includes the annual Colour Run held in the autumn term, the disability and inclusion event held in the spring term and various place based events held throughout the spring and summer term.

When planning our events, we will work to the following three principles:

Our county wide event will also aim to:

 Who are School Games Organisers (SGOs)?

Cambridge and Peterborough are split into 5 different areas, known as School Sports Partnerships (SSPs).  Within these SSPs sit School Games Organisers (SGOs) who are specifically tasked with making the School Games happen.

School Games Organisers play an important role in developing and promoting local opportunities. This includes opportunities to move more, but also volunteering and wellbeing events.  Each School Games Organiser also takes the lead on arranging activities in schools within their local area as well as working with Living Sport to plan our county wide events.

The contact details for the 5 School Games Organisers are:

South Cambs: Claire McDonnell

Cambridge: Ian Dixon

Hunts: Doug Finlayson

Peterborough: Sam Sly

South Cambridgeshire: Claire McDonnell

Witchford: Helen Scotto Di Marrazzo

The School Games Values

All School Games events aim to instil the School Games values of passion, self-belief, respect, honesty, determination and teamwork in pupils in order to support schools in achieving their broader whole school objectives.

How can schools get involved with the Cambridge and Peterborough School Games?

It’s easy for schools to get more involved with the Cambridge and Peterborough School Games.

Find your local School Sports Partnership contact details in the section above.  You’ll then be able to contact your local School Games Organiser for a discussion on how your school can make the most of local and county wide physical activity opportunities.

Be sure to follow your local SSP accounts on social media to get the latest updates and see what other schools in your area are up to.