Active Mile 'Half-Term' Project Launches in Local Parks

The Active Mile

The Active Mile is an initiative that enables children of all ages and abilities to enjoy being physically active every day in schools and early years settings. It’s simple and easy to embed in everyday learning to support children’s mental and physical health and wellbeing, and can be done at any time during the school day.

At Living Sport, we have come up with a fun way of implementing The Active Mile outside of the school day, by making use of fantastic local green spaces. We have partnered up with Milton Country Park and Hinchingbrooke Country Park, to allow Primary school children the opportunity to continue to be physically active outside of the classroom and complete a Mile route at each of these parks. We have created a fun, engaging 1 mile route map for each park, which can be downloaded below.

Milton Country Park

Milton Country Park is a park located just North of Cambridge City, and has a 95-acre woodland and wetland area, open 365 days a year, 24hours a day. It is also dog friendly!!

 The car park, Visitor centre and toilets are open from 8am.

Address: Milton Country Park, Cambridge Road, Milton, Cambs, CB24 6AZ
Tel: 01223 420060

Managed by Cambridge Sport Lakes Trust
Registered charity number: 1040693

Please visit their website for details on closing information and parking:

Hinchingbrooke Country Park

Hinchingbrooke Country Park covers 150-acre of open grassland, mature woodland and lakes. It is a popular destination for dog walkers and beautiful scenery spotters!

Hinchingbrooke Country Park is also open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Address: Hinchingbrooke Country Park, Brampton Road, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE29 6DB

For more information on café opening times, parking and visitor information click here:

How will the project run?

Download our helpful guide to how this project will run: Download Here

Pupils will be able to either download a map below or take it from Milton Country Park/Hinchingbrooke Country Park reception, which has an activity log on the back. Pupils will then complete the mile route and fill in their activity log. After each half-term, pupils hand in their activity log with proof of their evidence of completion. The school will have 1-3 weeks post hand-in (deadline decided by school), to contact at Living Sport to arrange prizes.

Amazing prizes will be on offer for completion of at least x2 Active Miles completed during a half-term. Pupils will then be assigned a random number and Living Sport staff will pick a random number to win the prize. All completions will win a branded Living Sports water bottle.


Guides and Evidence

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