Workplace Movement

Support your business to be active and healthy. 

Now more than ever, being active is vital for the health of your people and your business.

Workplace Movement can support your business to help make this happen and we provide everything you need to get your people moving.


Why should your organisation join Workplace Movement?

It’s good for the health of your people, your business and your community.

Your People

  • Being active is key for good for physical and mental health, helps to relieve stress, lowers risk of depression and improves resilience.
  • It can support team cohesion and workplace culture.

Your Business

  • Physical activity in workplace programmes have been shown to reduce sickness absence by 20%; reduce presenteeism and improve productivity.
  • It can differentiate you from your competitors, which can help you retain and attract the best people and customers.

Your Community

  • By joining Workplace Movement, your organisation is giving back to your local communities by supporting Living Sport’s targeted projects which aim to improve health, happiness and wellbeing across the county by increasing activity levels.
  • You’re joining our army of Activity Ambassadors!

What is Workplace Movement?

It’s a platform that organisations can use to encourage employees to be active.

It’s a national programme, supported by Sport England and facilitated through Active Partnerships to help make every day a good day at work, for your people and your organisation, creating a culture where healthy, happy staff can perform at their best.

There are three levels, Basic (£500), Advanced (£750) and Premium (£1000) which include:

  • Benchmarking Tool
  • Staff Wellbeing Survey
  • Resource Library
  • Training Courses
  • Opportunity to do Activity Tracking and Challenges
  • Support from Living Sport

Download Workplace Movement Brochure

Workplace Movement Training Brochure

Visit Workplace Movement

What can our business expect?

  • Helping your organisation see the business benefits of an active workforce.
  • Reducing sedentary behaviour and encouraging an active lifestyle.
  • Improving health and wellbeing with less stress in the workplace.

We do this with online tools and resources to put you in control in control of workplace wellbeing and provide the support of a nationwide network of Active Partnerships.

How do we join?

Workplace Movement is a national campaign that is delivered via the Active Partnerships network; Living Sport is the Active Partnership for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough.

To join, you will need to do so on the Workplace Movement website; please be assured that Living Sport will be notified when you join and will pick up with you again.

What does it cost?

There are 3 Workplace Movement packages for you to choose from:

 Basic (£500) – Benchmark Tool and Resources

Advanced (£750) – Benchmark Tool, Staff Survey and Resources

Premium (£1000) – Benchmark Tool, Staff Survey, Training Courses and Resources

For more details on the above packages and to join up, please visit Workplace Movement 

Training Courses only?

If you don’t want to sign up to one of the packages, but are interested in training courses only.

Please contact

  • Physical Activity In The Workplace
  • Physical Activity For Good Mental Health
  • Activity Ambassadors (Workplace PA Champions)

Any questions?

Please contact