Wellbeing Together Training Resources

Welcome to the resource page that supports the Wellbeing Together Training! 

As the modules are delivered, we will upload the slides for your reference along with any resources that you may find useful.  

If you need to relax here’s a nice relaxation link! – “Instant Relief From Anxiety & Stress” Peaceful Meditation Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLJqUipWRWk

Module 1 – Mental health awareness, managing stress and caring for your wellbeing

Module 1 Presentation Slides

Wellbeing Together Tool Kit

Things to try this week:

Complete your own Wellbeing Plan  – Wellbeing Plan

Explore www.wellbeingandcoping.net  for ideas to try out and see what works for you.  

Remember to think about the 5 Ways to Wellbeing  

Good Mood Café – try to attend a Good Mood Café during the week.  See https://www.cpslmind.org.uk/good-life-online/  for how to attend 

Focus on your active listening skills during the week. 


  • Show You Care 
  • Have Patience 
  • Use Open Questions 
  • Say It Back 
  • Have Courage

Maybe keep a note of when you have actively listened to someone – what happened and how did it feel for you? 

Also remember you own boundaries – what are they and how do you know you’re getting close to your boundaries? 

Module 2 – Supporting others whilst looking after your own mental health

Module 2 Presentation Slides

National Mind resource about talking to your GP about your MH. Link to video here.

Video clip about the First Response Service.

You can access urgent mental health care in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough 24/7 by dialling 111 and selecting option 2.


Module 3 – Suicide understanding and support

Module 3 Presentation Slides

STOP Suicide: I’d Ask – This video hears from people with lived experience of suicide thoughts and attempts  https://youtu.be/FOgEHnPovyE

Just ASK – STOP Suicide Animation – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwL–ZIPD68

A reminder of how to support someone to make a safety plan can be found on here.

The safety plan website is www.stayingsafe.net 

More details and to sign our Stop Suicide Pledge visit here. 

Safety plan


HAY Cambridgeshire & Peterborough – Bringing together everything in the local community that is good for mental wellbeing

Lifeline mental health helpline run by LifeCraft open from 11am – 11pm every day. 

For comprehensive A-Z information about mental health issues and related topics, please see Mind 

The Healthy You – Healthy Lifestyles Service provides information and support to individuals that want to be more physically active, and to individuals and families that need support with eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet.

Physical Activity and Mental Health provides information about how physical activity can help your mental health, and tips for choosing an activity that works for you, and how to overcome anything that might stop you from becoming more active.

Also see our Top Tips [in the resource toolkit] 

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