The Daily Mile™ - At Home

The Daily Mile is a national initiative, supporting schools to get children fit for life and fit for learning.

The Daily Mile is a national initiative, supporting schools to get children fit for life and fit for learning, by encouraging them to run or jog for 15 minutes every day in their primary schools and early years settings. This physical activity promotes social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing, as well as fitness.

The Daily Mile Foundation has information for parents here

Your school may already be doing The Daily Mile and you want to carry on at home or it may be new to your family.  Either way you can take part at home – here are some resources to make it even more fun!

The Daily Mile at Home Challenges

The Daily Mile Foundation has produced some great challenges The Daily Mile at Home Challenges for children taking part in The Daily Mile at Home.

How to do The Daily Mile at Home

Core Principles for The Daily Mile at Home

Living Sport, the Active Partnership for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough has created some local resources too.  

Climbing Mount Mile

Travel up Mount Mile plotting your progress on the Mount Mile map as you go. It will take 35 miles to reach the summit – how many days can you do it in?

Ink-saver map here.

‘Get to Know Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’ Series

Learn about your local area through our ‘Get to Know Series’ of resources, which use virtual Landmark Maps of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to find out about points of interest within the area. They come complete with a supporting Factsheet for children (and families) to do as an individual challenge or motivator.  Each time children run or jog a mile they tick off a box on the map to the next landmark.  During the leg to each local landmark the children are encouraged to find out more about it and write 2 of these facts down on the factsheet.   Both are designed to take 30 days, if a child does a mile each day.

Download Get to Know Cambridgeshire 
Download Get to Know Peterborough 

London Landmark Tracker

Support the London Marathon by using our London Landmark resource.  Capture the enthusiasm of the London Marathon with your children by doing a tour of London’s famous landmarks. The A3 map has 17 landmarks. Just  tick off a location each day in order to complete a loop of London’s famous landmarks. Download the London Landmarks Tracker

If your school is interested in registering for The Daily Mile you can find out more here and sign up here.

Check out our Families page for more ways to stay active at home.