Safeguarding Policies

Our Safeguarding Policies and Procedures apply to the delivery of Living Sport activity and our wider role in promoting good practice and supporting other organisations to establish and deliver safe sporting and activity opportunities.

Our Children and Young People, and Adults at Risk Policy & Procedures have been developed in line with legislation and guidance from the Child Protection in Sport Unit and Ann Craft Trust.

You will find a copy of our Policy & Procedures below:

Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy

Safeguarding Adults Policy

For more information on our role in promoting safer culture in sport and activity visit our Safeguarding page or contact the team below.

Living Sport’s Safeguarding Team


Lead Safeguarding Officer: 

Sally Gibson, Strategic Lead Children and Young People: – 07395 798377 


Lead Children and Young People Safeguarding Officer:

David Welch, Children and Young People Manager: – 07872 855278 


Deputy Children and Young People Safeguarding Officer:

Megan Fey, Children and Young People Co-ordinator: – 07872 852847 


Lead Adult Safeguarding Officer:
Position Vacant: Contact – 

There are lots of great resources and templates for setting up a Safeguarding Procedure :

Children and Young People – Putting safeguards in place for children in sport | CPSU (

Adults – Safeguarding Adults in Sport Advice & Training – ACT (

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