Partnership Opportunities

  • At Living Sport, we are reaching out to our business communities to see how they can help improve the health, happiness and wellbeing of the people in Cambridgeshire.

Why should Cambridgeshire organisations get involved?

  • There are many health & wellbeing benefits of activity to you and your people
  • There are many benefits of activity to your business
  • Your community benefits when you partner with Living Sport

    Research from Sport England’s Active Lives Adult Survey 2020 suggests that inactivity in adults is a concern, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, with fitness centres having been closed, local sports put on hold, and people spending much longer at home.

It is estimated that a quarter of adults in our county are inactive and more than a third are not active enough for it to benefit their health.

Being active is the easiest and possibly one of the most important ways for us to self-care, ensure we live longer better and reduce the burden of managing long term health conditions on the NHS. And last year, it was one of only a handful of reasons that we were permitted to leave our houses for.

However, access to sport and physical activity is not a level playing field and so our work is critical.

Further, we believe that sport and physical activity can play a much greater role in society – for personal inspiration and community connection.

How can you help?

There are many ways that organisations in Cambridgeshire can support our work to reduce inactivity, so we hope these ideas will be of interest to you and we invite you to join our army of Activity Ambassadors.


Let’s get more people moving, more hearts beating and make more opportunities to connect and celebrate together.

If you’re looking to improve employee wellbeing, interested in partnering for an event, in-kind-support, volunteering, helping promote our activity or taking part – let’s talk!

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