Living Sport sponsor Soham Town Rangers Girls U15 Football Teams training kit

Living Sport is proud to announce this exciting opportunity to sponsor Soham Town Rangers Girls U15 training kit.  

As a charity with the goal to improve health, happiness and wellbeing across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. We are excited to bring those aspirations to Soham girls while taking a step closer towards addressing the enjoyment gap by sponsoring new training kits. 

This partnership has been developed from the recent This Girl Can campaign. Living Sport visited and engaged with Soham Town Rangers Girls U15 Football Team and carried out youth voice consultation to find out what the team needed. A key highlight was around having warmer and more suitable training kit. The team then chose the kit and Living Sport sponsored it, ensuring it was possible.

Girls on the field playing football

"Having a kit is good because it unites you as a team and puts you in a community where we all play football and have similar interest."

"I think the kits are great, it makes the girls feel like a team… helps them feel like they belong to something"

The enjoyment gap refers to the imbalance in participation rates between boys and girls in sports and other extracurricular activities.

This Girl Can research shows 2.4m more men than women strongly agree that they enjoy sport and physical activity. That’s 2.4m women missing out on the opportunity to relieve stress, build connections and improve self-esteem.

This Girl Can have highlighted four key action areas for working to reduce the enjoyment gap. These are social, safe, self-affirming and suitable. Throughout this partnership Living Sport have worked to ensure all of these areas are implemented throughout.

With this sponsorship, we are delighted to provide the girls with warmth and an opportunity to feel as a team and part of the community. Living Sport is not only helping the Girls U15 Football Team, but also promoting a culture of engagement and inclusivity. 

The Soham Town Rangers Girls U15 football team is unique in that it is one of the only all-girls football teams in the area.


"It is important to get involved in girls football because there’s not as many opportunities for girls within the sport."

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