Northstowe & Longstanton ParkPlay

Living Sport are delighted to be supporting the launch of the Northstowe & Longstanton ParkPlay on Saturday 9th September at Western Park from 9.30am.

ParkPlay is a national initiative, which allows for two hours of free community play each Saturday morning which is enabled by a designated ParkLeader. The newly launched Northstowe & Longstanton ParkPlay website can be found here with more information.

Northstowe has been a priority place focus for us as an Active Partnership over the last four years to ensure that physical activity, health and wellbeing remain embedded in conversations as the community continues to grow with the new housing developments. Having some weekly physical activity opportunities becoming a part of the community calendar every Saturday morning is an exciting prospect.

In addition, this ParkPlay initiative in Northstowe and Longstanton will be led by a local resident as the PlayLeader which is fantastic. These programmes rely on residents in order to remain sustainable and the Town Council will be looking for further support. This is a huge step forward following the soft launch of the ParkPlay one Saturday in May 2023 which was a great success.

Living Sport are a proud funding partner of the Northstowe & Longstanton ParkPlay, we look forward to being involved on the launch day!

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