Living Sport visits RKA Kickboxing Academy

RKA Kickboxing Academy is based in March, Cambridgeshire (Fenland) and is a dedicated training centre which is fully equipped to support juniors, specific provision for women and girls, family classes and competition training whilst also supporting the development of young people with mentoring and coaching to achieve their qualifications and become leaders. RKA Kickboxing champions young leadership and junior sessions are quite often led by young people for young people which is hugely empowering. 

Living Sport have worked with RKA Kickboxing Academy for the launch of the Glove Up Scheme which is done in partnership with the Fenland Police and Young People March (the local youth club). This is an accessible opportunity for the young people in the community and a scheme to ‘build a better community for our youth’.

RKA Kickboxing Academy have become one of the ‘opted-in’ clubs of the Living Sport Sporting Chance Grant scheme, in which our Living Sport team did a visit to see the session in action which involved children of the 10 lower-income families who had applied and been successful. The session was led by qualified young people whom RKA had specifically trained and mentored to achieve their qualifications and Stuart and Paige are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their offer to the community. 

The Sporting Chance Grant Scheme has enabled 10 families to benefit from something they would never have been able to access, opening new networks of friends for parents and young people and an opportunity to pursue a hobby and develop their skills and discipline. 

“The funding will help us entertain ---- in a sport I wouldn't be able to fund myself. I have always wanted ---- to be more physical and help ---- socialise when not in school hours as well as learn more about a sport she is interested in.” 

“---- has seen adverts for kickboxing and rugby and expressed an interest but at the moment it isn’t something I am able to budget for. As a parent it would be reassuring for any child to have some element of self-defense education, but any of the clubs offer an opportunity to build on teamwork skills which are so useful throughout life. They also offer a chance to make friendships outside of school as well as improve physical health.” 

Quotes from the families who have been supported about the impact this opportunity is making: 

“----- is a very active child. He has attended RKA before as they were offering a welcome, 1 month free no obligation to sign up trial and ----- loved it, but the cost was what stopped us going. The trainer Stuart said that ---- is very naturally talented child and incredibly strong.” 

“---- has a brother about to be diagnosed with autism and ADHD. He is very excited to do sports and has a thirst for learning new skills however his life is constantly about his brother, he deserves to have his own things.” 

“It would make a true difference; he is so fidgety and can't even sit through a film - he has a lot of frustration. I believe this would help him focus on something for him and not worry about his adults around him he's 6 not 21.” 

RKA Kickboxing Academy junior participants running

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