Community Dragons Den

The Community Dragons Den programme seeks to empower young people to develop youth led sport and physical activity projects in their local communities through youth voice, to help embed positive activity habits, and to upskill local young people to deliver back within their communities.

Working with High Heritage, which was founded in 2020 with the aim of “empowering young black people to thrive with their heads held high” and Teens2Thrive; whose mission is to reach young people from deprived backgrounds within Peterborough and empower, support and educate them about managing transition from teen to adulthood; the CYP team delivered youth voice workshops which aimed to understand motivation and barriers to participation to sport and physical activity and identify new opportunities for local community sport.

Lara Samuel, from High Heritage, said “The young people got so much from the Dragons Den workshop which was delivered in a friendly and relaxed environment and helped them to understand the planning that goes into developing new sports sessions, we very much look forward to the sessions starting”.

The workshops enabled new sports sessions such as badminton, golf, netball, tennis, basketball and running to be established for the groups, and we will be supporting both organisations to embed positive physical activity habits into their weekly youth group sessions.

For more information about Community Dragons Den projects, please contact Megan Fey, Senior Project Officer for Communities:

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