Beci’s Work-life Balance

About Beci

I’m Beci, I’m 28 and a ceramicist living in St Ives.


I have been physically active for most of my life, I tried lots of different sports when I was a kid and enjoyed the flexibility that running offered me when I was at university or in my first job. I also really enjoy yoga as it gives me thinking space and helps me to process my thoughts.

Since I started my own business I’ve found it harder to be active, I have flexibility over my time, but need to work as much as possible, it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of working super long days and not taking time for myself, this has been especially difficult moving to a new place, as I don’t have a club or a group to motivate me or drag me along.

What changed?

Since covid-19 my work hasn’t changed too much, but my partner is now working from home. They can work flexibly, and missing the commute means they have more time in the day. We’ve been taking longer lunch breaks, cycling on the quieter roads, as well as cycling along the Guided Busway. It has been so brilliant seeing Spring around us, whilst also getting to spend time together away from phones, laptops and the TV.

The difference

Cycling more has made me feel more positive about exercise, as a result I have started doing Yoga more regularly again, which is helping me to develop my thoughts around being a small business owner and am keen to try and keep this habit going.

Although I was fearful about taking a whole hour off for lunch or starting a bit later because we have been exercising. I have found that going out for the bike ride makes me more productive in the afternoon. It helps me complete some of the more monotonous jobs like finance spreadsheets and invoices!

The future

I will certainly look to keep up incorporating physical activity into my working day, it may be less appealing when I’m on my own, but I know it can be good for my productivity as well as my physical health.

Initially I found it quite tough in lockdown to differentiate between when I was at ‘work’ and when I was at ‘home’ and it was easy for the two to overlap. I’ve found that small segments of activity, a walk, a bike ride or yoga, are really good at bookending the day, and differentiating between work time and home time. Developing a routine has been a key for both of us.

Whats new?

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