Active Mile Coronation Challenge

The Coronation

King Charles III Coronation will take place on Saturday 6th May, at Westminster Abbey, London. This will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. This ceremony will also happen alongside The Queen Consort.

The Coronation service will begin at 11am at Westminster Abbey. Prior to the service King Charles III and The Queen Consort will make the journey along the procession route from Buckingham Palace to Westminister Abbey. 

The Coronation Route can be seen here. 

westminster abbey

The Active Mile

The Active Mile is an initiative that enables children of all ages and abilities to enjoy being physically active every day in schools and early years settings. It’s simple and easy to embed in everyday learning to support children’s mental and physical health and wellbeing, and can be done at any time during the school day.

Active Mile Coronation challenge

We are challenging young people to run, walk or jog a mile route of their choice  OR complete 2600 steps which is roughly the amount of steps in a mile and is the similar distance from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.

If you would like to download an activity log to support you with your Active Mile, download here.

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