Active Lives Adult Survey the Latest Findings

Active Lives Adult Survey

The Sport England ‘Active Lives Adult Survey’ was published in April 2023. The survey provides an update on sport and physical activity behaviours of adults nationally and locally between November 2021 and November 2022. 

Whilst locally in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough the data shows a small increase in the number of active adults over the last year, it does remain lower than the national average. The survey found that 62.8% of adults in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough are active whereas a slightly higher percentage of adults across England (63.1%) are active.  

Read the full local report here

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The Local Picture in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough 

  • 62.8% of adults (or 458,200) classed as active (meeting the recommended physical activity guidelines of 150+ minutes of physical activity per week). Although this is an increase of 1.9% from last year, this is not a significant change.  
  • 25.6% of adults (or 186,400) are inactive (less than 30 minutes a week) and a further 11.6% (or 84,700) are fairly active (between 30-149 minutes a week). Adults in both of these groups are not active enough to benefit their health.  


The National Picture 

  • Overall, activity levels have recovered following the decline during the pandemic and restrictions that were applied.  
  • The proportion of active adults is back in line with pre-pandemic levels and remains above those seen six years ago.  
  • The proportion of inactive adults has reduced since last year although is slightly higher than pre-pandemic levels.  


The Active Lives Adult Survey was established in 2015 to provide insight into activity levels and sport and physical activity behaviour. The latest data (2021/22) is the first release to cover a period without any coronavirus restrictions since the pandemic. 

You can read the full national report here 

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