Holiday Activities and Food Programme

The Holiday Activities and Food programme (HAF) offers a free holiday scheme place to some children during the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays. The information below is aimed at holiday scheme providers and families to support the HAF programme.

Eligible families include:

  • Families receiving income-related free school meals (FSM)
  • Where there are FSM eligible and non-eligible children in a family
  • Newly arrived refugee families
  • Families struggling financially (subject to referral from school)
  • Families being support by Social Care or Early Help Services (subject to referral from the service)


Further information here. 

Body Diagrams 

Do you know the parts of the body along with the muscles and what they all do? Have a look at the video resource below and see if you can practice some of the skills at home. See if you can come up with some new skills using the different parts of your body.

Body Diagrams                Video Link         Resource Link     


Skill Games 

We have created some fun games that can get you and the family active. These activities are really easy to set up and can get the whole family involved. They will take between 15-30 minutes to play and are able to be played at home or in the garden using minimal equipment. The videos also include a progression option to give yourself an extra challenge, below you will find a video introduction into how to play the skill game as well as a downloadable resource.

3 in a row                        Video Link           Resource Link

Behind Enemy Lines      Video Link          Resource Link      

End Zone                          Video Link          Resource Link

Hole in One                     Video Link          Resource Link

Mini Sock Golf                 Video Link         Resource Link      

Roller Ball                        Video Link         Resource Link

Sock Bowling                   Video Link         Resource Link      

Sock Dodgeball               Video Link         Resource Link   

Target Practice               Video Link         Resource Link    

Zone Target Practice     Video Link         Resource Link    

Mount Mile Winter Edition (Virtual Challenge)

The Mount Mile Winter Edition Challenge consists of a printable mountain picture that children can use to tick off each time they get active. There are ideas for activity and ‘checkpoints’ along the way where they can download a video to motivate them to keep going. More details are in the documents below.


Fitness Workout Videos

We have created some at home exercise workouts. All involving different skills but can be done sitting or standing. These 15-30 minute videos include high intensity workouts as well as fun dances that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

For more ideas to stay active visit at our website here.

If your child has additional needs and you are looking for specific activities, please visit our people with a disability page for more resources.