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Frazer Bennett

Frazer Bennett has served as Living Sport’s Chair since October 2021 and is Chief Innovation Officer at PA Consulting Group, a global Innovation and Management Consultancy.  

Frazer is a product designer and innovator, leading and inspiring teams to develop products that make people’s lives better across many industries including Life Sciences, Healthcare, Defence and Security. His work is recognised internationally, has touched millions of people’s lives, and he has presented some of it on national and international TV. A serial entrepreneur, Frazer is the founder of three technology companies in which he has served as CTO, CEO and Chairman.

Frazer grew up in Cambridge and alongside inventing new things he enjoys being an aspiring triathlete and a mostly competent dad. Living Sport helps him to vent his rather obsessive passion for fitness and well-being which sees him run, swim, cycle, jump and hit balls with things whenever and wherever he can.


Frazer Bennet

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