Living Sport Leads Run Talk Run/Walk Talk Walk in Cambridgeshire

We are thrilled to inform you that Public Health has provided us with funding to lead this remarkable program Run Talk Run/Walk Talk Walk in Cambridgeshire. 

This activity offers a unique blend of fitness and mental health support which is making a huge impact across communities worldwide. It was set up and founded globally by Jess Robson to help people come together for a weekly maximum 5km gentle jog or walk and at the same time feel in a safe space to talk about mental health and well-being. The idea is simple yet powerful: people come together for group runs or walks to provide peer support to individuals within the community. 

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The sessions are free to attend for everyone regardless of ability or mental health background. It’s not about speed or distance; it’s about showing up and supporting one another. Whether you’re a seasoned runner/walker or just starting your fitness journey, you’ll find a welcoming community that embraces and uplifts each other.  

Many participants have shared stories how Run Talk Run/Walk Talk Walk has positively impacted their lives which is available to see on Run Talk Run/Walk Talk Walk website: OUR IMPACT — RUN TALK RUN.

Run Talk Run is not only promoting mental health awareness but also creating a strong community bond. 

If you’re looking to prioritise your health or would just like to meet up with like-minded people, lace up your running/walking shoes and join Run Talk Run/Walk Talk Walk session that we have going on in the following areas: 

Run/Talk/Run – Cherry Hinton Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm 

Run Talk Run – Cherry Hinton – Run Talk Run – East of England – Heylo 

Walk/Talk/Walk – Ramsey Wednesday mornings at 10.00am 

Walk Talk Walk Ramsey – Run Talk Run – East of England – Heylo  

Run/Talk/Run – Chatteris Monday evenings at 7pm

Run Talk Run – Chatteris – Run Talk Run – East of England – Heylo 

Let’s do this together!  

For more information about the events email:  

For more locations visit this website: RUN WITH US — RUN TALK RUN 

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