Climb Mount Mile - Winter Edition - Check Point 1

Well done, you have done 7 days of activity and made it to Check Point 1.


After 7 days of trekking, you have reached your first check point and your base for the night. How do we know which direction to go in the morning?!  We can use our compass to know which way to go!

Work out which direction is North, South, East and West and try running or jumping in each direction in turn.  

If you are looking for more ideas of games to play why not try PlayUp Club – BOING KIDS or Disney Shake Up Games 

Here is your checkpoint 1 video and challenge from Mindfit for All (if you need to adapt the activity to take part safely, please do).

Information about Mindfit For All

MindFit for All was founded in 2019 by Simon Desborough and Alyssa Gunn. MindFit was born from a shared vision: to use the power of movement and physical activity to improve not only people’s physical health, but to improve their mental health too. We fuse together physical activity, CBT and mentoring in order to help support people of all ages, particularly those who may be struggling emotionally, mentally, physically and socially. We deliver our service across schools and colleges, as well as to individual clients, across Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

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