Climb Mount Mile - Winter Edition - Base Camp

Welcome to Base Camp! Thank you for joining us on the latest expedition to climb the tallest Mountain – Mount Mile!

Assemble at base camp to start your winter expedition up Mount Mile. Make sure you’ve got your Mount Mile Mountain poster ready. You can find the poster and guidance here. 

Every time you do 60 minutes* of physical activity spread throughout the day tick off another day on your Mount Mile Mountain poster in the designated box.   

Aim to challenge yourself enough that you breathe faster and feel warmer as you climb that mountain!


Mount Mile Winter Edition


This is where we assemble to launch our expedition up Mount Mile. It may seem impossible, but if we tackle Mount Mile little by little and together, we will get to the top in no time! 

To get you started watch our video below. 


Base Camp: Let’s get our backpacks ready for our expedition – what might you need for a winter expedition?  

Why don’t you pack a bag and go for a walk, scoot, run or bike ride with your family?   If you need inspiration of new places to go have a look at the below?

East Cambridgeshire
Cambridge City
South Cambs 

*The guidance for children aged 5-18 is to aim for an average of at least 60 minutes physical activity per day across the week.  This should be spread throughout the day.  See the diagram here for more information.