Teens2Thrive is established to empower and equip young people to identify purpose and maximise potential. Teens2Thrive provide and organise different projects to give them opportunities and to acquire skills.

Project Overview: The Dragon’s Den project was undertaken to give the young people sport skill and to build new relationships and friendship.

The local community has many young people, but with limited access to sport and physical activities, hence the plan for the Dragon’s Den project.

The project aimed to bring young people together and to build relationship and resilience. Teens2Thrive wanted to ensure that young people can learn a new skill in sport with the multi-skills provided and also to maximise their teamwork skills.


“The project has strengthened our young people in many areas. It has enabled them to work together and bring assertiveness in individuals. The project built confidence and relieved young people from anxiety.”

“The aim of the project was achieved, and we have learnt that giving young people opportunity brightens their moods and also empowers and equips them.”

A young girl who suffers from anxiety was able to manage this better thanks to the project which allowed her to associate with new young people, giving each other confidence and working together to achieve common outcomes.

Impact of Project moving forward:

The plan Teens2Thrive have is to seek further funding to continue with the project and continue to develop its sustainability.



sophie swimming

Sophie Etheridge – Adaptive Athlete

Sophie Etheridge – Adaptive Athlete “I have always swum but not always been disabled…” Sophie, a determined and passionate individual, has faced numerous challenges since her cycling accident in 2011.

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Disability Active Lifestyle Framework​

Once this framework has been published, we encourage partners to consider how they can implement the framework to make a real change for disabled people to access physical activity, sport, and leisure in the way they want, when they want, with no barriers placed on them by society.

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Walking Football

In partnership with the South Care Partnership, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough ICS and Cambridge United Community Trust, Living Sport are coordinating a walking football project in South Cambridgeshire running from March 2023.

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