Shelford Walking Rugby

Research shows that as people age they are far less likely to be physically active throughout their day to day life. This can have a negative effect on their physical health as well as their emotional and social wellbeing. Being physically inactive can accelerate the aging process and increase the likelihood of premature mortality.

Living Sport is committed to inspiring active lifestyles, and using physical activity as the catalyst to increase the health and wellbeing of residents of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Walking sports do not have the high impact or strenuous level of activity that standard versions of the same games require so are an ideal opportunity for people to return to sport, recover from an injury or simply play the sport they used to enjoy but at a slower pace.

The Living Sport Community Small Grants programme is set up to support community sport clubs and organisations who are meeting the Living Sport strategic plan. Shelford rugby club were an example of this.

Shelford Rugby Club were looking to develop a walking rugby group, to engage members of the local community who had previously played the sport. They were successful in applying for a small grant to purchase boots that are suitable for the artificial turf pitch. This has enabled members of the local community to borrow boots in a bowling alley style fashion.

The walking rugby club is now a sustainable club, attracting 12-16 players per week. Although many of the participants are older people, the slower pace of the sport has created a fantastic intergenerational atmosphere, with mums and children also taking part. A fantastic relaxed, social environment has been created, reducing incidences of social isolation amongst those taking part.

The Living Sport Community Small Grants programme is offering vital funding to energise and kickstart fantastic community assets, like Shelford rugby club. Donations, no matter how big or small are vital in enabling Living Sport to continue this work. 

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