Fusion Family and Youth Projects

Fusion Family and Youth Projects deliver youth clubs during term time, bespoke mental wellbeing groups in senior schools and activities in the holidays.

Project overview 

Fusion Family and Youth Projects was funded by Living Sport through the Sport England Together Fund to deliver a project. The aim of the project was to help young people be active via learning new skills in skateboarding. Young people would also be given equipment including a skateboard, helmet and pads so they could continue to take part in the sport once they had the basic skills and confidence. 

Organisation impact 

Fusion Family and Youth Projects said it was nice to be able to support some new young people and introduce them to a new sport. They have worked with Jason (skateboarding instructor at Let’s Go Stake) in the past and he was one of our members of staff, so it was nice for the staff team to work together again.  

Participant impact

One of the young people that was encouraged to attend has disabilities, including mutism and autism. Fusion spoke to his Mum about taking part knowing he would not necessarily be able to actively take part in the structured lessons but could use the time to be part of a group on the periphery with his Mum supporting his balance. His Mum would put on his equipment and stand him on the skateboard holding his hands to pull him around the car park. He had the biggest smile on his face and was giggling every week. The other young people tried to engage with him and it has taught them a lot about the different needs some young people have. His Mum was so grateful as her son doesn’t always get the opportunities other children get to be part of this kind of group.

‘This has been the best club ever’ 

‘Seeing the other children encouraging each other was really good to see’  

Moving forward

Moving forward Fusion are looking for additional funding to offer some one-off sessions for the young people in the summer to refresh them as the project ended just as winter started. Those that took part in the project were also given a skateboard and safety equipment to enable them to continue taking part. 


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