Board Equality and Diversity


In addition to the Living Sport Equality Policy the Audit & Assurance Committee has led the adoption of a Board Diversity Plan which commits Living Sport to:

  • The adoption of a target and commitment to take all appropriate actions to achieve a minimum of 30% female representation on the Board currently 37.5%
  • And a commitment to progressing towards achieving gender parity and a greater diversity generally on the Board including Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) diversity and disability,

The Action Plan included below highlights how Living Sport will work towards these commitments. This will influence the recruitment of new Trustees in May 2018.   A report will be published immediately after the Annual General Meeting (which is held in the Autumn) specifically on progress against these two actions.

The Living Sport Equality Champions is Val MOORE.

Functions & Responsibilities of Equality Champions

In addition to the standard Board member functions and responsibilities the ‘Equality Champion(s)’ will have additional responsibilities:

  1. To ensure that Equality is included as an agenda item at Board meetings whenever appropriate and that the Board takes equality issues into consideration when making decisions
  2. To present, with the Chief Executive, on an annual basis to the Board statistical and qualitative equality information
  3. To contribute to and to approve the Equality Action Plan
  4. To support any internal or external equality group established to support implementation of the Equality Action Plan
  5. To be available as a member of the pool of Directors for the Complaints/Grievance, Disciplinary and Appeals processes

Living Sport Diversity Action Plan