Activity Passport & SCIP (Special Needs Community Information Point)

Collaborating with partners, SCIP (Special Needs Community Information Point) and Pinpoint helps us to find out what we can do to make life a little easier for families with children and young people who have additional needs or disabilities.

Through this collaboration, the Activity Passport is now available for children and young people up to the age of 25.

What is an Activity Passport?

An Activity Passport can hold information about a child that can easily be shared with activity providers such as sports clubs, girl guides, scouts or family fun days etc; it will prevent the same information needing to be repeated each time your child attends an activity. Although, you may be asked for additional information from the activity provider i.e. permission to take photographers.

Parents can also add important information about their child’s likes and dislikes, their medication and what to do in an emergency.

The Activity Passport and the SCIP card are FREE and can be obtained from the County Council

If you would like more information about the SCIP Card or Passport please contact the SCIP Coordinator. Email phone 01480 379827. 


About SCIP

Special Needs Community Information Point

Through SCIP you can also get a SCIP card. This is a wallet sized photo card which can help you to show your child/young person has a disability or additional need, if they need to use facilities provided for disabled people, or if you need to ask for assistance.

SCIP (Special Needs Community Information Point) is an information and advice service, provided by Cambridgeshire County Council for families with 0-25 year-olds with a disability or additional needs.

You can join SCIP and receive the following benefits:

  • SCIP Card
  • Activities Passport
  • Email updates on local events and activities
  • Information booklets on local activities/support by area
  • Request information specific to your child
  • Carers Magazine
  • The SCIP Co-ordinator can also be contacted for information specific to your family’s needs. 
The SCIP Card

The SCIP card can help to show that your child/young person has a disability or additional need.

You need to be on the SCIP Database to get a SCIP Card.  It can be used:

  • As proof that your child /young person has a disability
  • If they need to use facilities provided for disabled people
  • If you need to ask for assistance.

For more information about SCIP, The SCIP Card and details of how to join visit their website here.


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